RiviaN E-Cars

in partnership with Rivian Owners Club

Futuristic design and impressive driving range are just some of the features of the Rivian all-electric vehicles that started being distributed in the USA in 2021. The American company is pioneer in the production of all-electric pick-up vehicles, the R1T. Along comes Rivian’s electric SUV, with its modern styling, a luxurious cabin, plenty of tech, and remarkable performing range.

Rivian’s battery systems were built to explore, delivering between 260 to 320+ miles of range. With a 0-60 mph time as quick as 3 seconds, it also delivers the on-road handling of a sports car. The innovative features of Rivian extend to the cabin’s technology, featuring two large touchscreens with LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity to continuously enhance your drive, updating everything from driving dynamics to communications and entertainment on the touchscreen.

Classic Riviera is part of the Rivian Owners Club, and we act as intermediaries directly with the RIVIAN factory in US. We ensure you a smooth process of acquisition and transport of your Rivian into Monaco. We also provide warranty and aftersales service.

Visit Rivian’s website for more detailed information https://rivian.com/